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There are serious debates about how punk rock began.

We take you were it all began

As you will come to learn, the punk rock bands always have events going. Whether it is a concert or a fan meet up, there is always something you can immensely enjoy.


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From the era of the Rolling Stones to recent punk rock bands, the one thing they all have in common is their staggering individuality and brutal simplicity. Punk rock bands can bring people together. The music itself appeals to people from different walks of life, revealing their unique individualities.

There is a vast number of punk rock band enthusiasts in the world, and the one thing that brings them together is their love for this music form. Apart from being aware of concert dates and events, people are interested in learning more about punk rock bands and their members. The internet is flooded with information about punk rock bands that could at times be misleading.

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New Found Glory


My Chemical Romance


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Here are a list of Punk / Garage Rock Concert Tours to check out.

The Killers

18 concerts to Dec 31, 2021 Punk

Blink 182

concerts to Jul 17, 2021 Punk

Fall Out Boy

26 concerts to Aug 25, 2021 Punk

Rise Against

concert to Jun 04, 2021 Punk

Dropkick Murphys

concert to May 01, 2021 Punk

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