There are serious debates about how punk rock began. The uncertainty is attributed to the different existing definitions of the same and the fact that the music form had several founding places. The name punk rock was coined about garage music that was becoming quite popular in the 1960s. At this time, bands such as the Sonics were coming up, playing with zero musical or vocal instruction.

Between the mid to late ’60s bands such as The Stooges and the MC5 were popular in Detroit. Their music was considered crude and raw with a lot of political energy. Punk rock band concerts were mostly associated with violence and an unwavering attempt to expose the wrongs of the world to the people through music.

By the mid-’70s punk rock had established itself as a significant musical genre with supporters all over the world. Numerous bands were cropping up in  New York, London, and entire England. A recurring theme that came with all these punk rock bands was the addressing of social issues. For instance, in England, the bands had their music rooted in economic and political issues that were rampant in the UK.

With the growth of punk rock as a musical genre, also came an establishment of associated merchandise. Punk rock had its unique style of dressing that was mostly propagated by the artists themselves. As a result, punk rock fashion became more widespread with shops such as SEX by Malcolm McClaren coming up and moving to England to be renamed Sex Pistols. The late ’70s saw a whole revolution of punk rock where the established genre would break into numerous other sub-genres. Punk rock has always been open to DIY movements where individual musicians create their scenes and sounds. Punk rock remains to be continuously evolving and will keep evolving to capture the varying individuality of its followers better.

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