2015 Feb/March

Well, we’re starting our touring season out in February heading east to West Virginia. We’ll be accompanied by or new bass player, Mark Landry(Cletus Got Shot), and plain with some old friends! In March we’ll head to the upper midwest before gearing up for the summer festival season and our first European tour. Stay tuned for more dates, and we’ll see ya on the road!


We’ve had a blast in 2014 and will be capping it off with a great New Years Eve show featuring our friends JAPANESE GAME SHOW and SOLEB THEORY at ROCK ISLAND LIVE. 2015 is going to be a busy one with some important announcements and changes coming up, including our first tour to Europe. We’ll be posting a bunch of dates and news soon, so check back and we’ll see ya at a show or get down the road!


Well, our western tour with FILTHY STILL was a blast. It was great to catch up with some old friends out there, and meet so many great new people. Filthy Still is one of our very favorite bands, and they are always such fun dudes to be around. We look forward to the next time we see them.

We’ll be at our 6th Walnut Valley Festival this year as CNS, and we’re lookin forward to our Stage 5, FineTime, and Circus Tent performances. We’ll be kickin around KS throughout September, so check the dates and come out and see us. We’d love to see your pretty Kansas faces.

Come October, we’ll be heading back to New England for the first time since last year. We’re really looking forward to this trip, and cant wait to see our rad East Coast folks. Please share the dates, and bring all your friends! We dont get out east very often, so it may be another year before we’re back out.




What a great month July has been! We got to tour with some of our best friends, THE CALAMITY CUBES! to the Upper Midwest. We always look forward to going up there. The shows are great, the folks are more than generous, and we come home with arms full of cheese and sausage! We can’t thank you all enough!

Well, Rev will no longer be touring with us full time, which has left us reeling. He has been such an awesome dude to have on the road! The wisdom and guidance we have all gained from his lengthy experience is priceless and appreciated. We were honored to share so many great shows and stages with him, and feel lucky we got to hear this man blow every night. He is a integral part of KS music, and will be continuing on with SUNU, BTSTW, and other projects that we wish him the best of luck on. He will still be playin some regional shows with us and helping us on albums so we don’t sound like shit. Thank you for everything, REV! We’re gonna miss you man! Now, go make it happen for yourself, brother.

In AUGUST, we head to the West Coast with our buddies, FILTHY STILL! Check out te dates, an come see a show!



We’ll be in Chicago this Friday 7/18 at Chopin Theatre as part of a great lineup including THE CALAMITY CUBES!, JOSEPH HUBER, MATT WOODS, JEFF SHEPHERD, DRUNKEN CUDDLE, and DEVIL’S CUT. Then we’re headed home before we head West with FILTHY STILL!!

This will be REV’s last tour with us for a while. We’re sad to see him go, but are excited about what he’s got going with SUNU and his numerous other projects. You’ll see him around, we’re sure.



Alright, y’all! We’re headed back to the Upper Midwest and to Farmageddon Records Music Fest! We’re excited to be a part of this lineup and to be playin with so many friends and rad bands! Check the dates and come see a show!


Well, our Colorado trip was great! Thanks to everyone for comin out and makin for some memorable shows! This weekend we’re back in the Midwest!

FRIDAY, we’re back in Wichita at Lucky’s Everyday for our 3rd annual performance at Claire’s BDay Bash! This show is gonna sell out due to an amazing lineup and free food! Our friends CLETUS GOT SHOT and SHAWN JAMES & THE SHAPESHIFTERS will be joining us this year!

SATURDAY, we return to CROSSROADS KC for the annual MISSOURI CHAINSAW GRASSACRE! This is a rad day fest that includes some great acts including SPLIT LIP RAYFIELD, HONKY SUCKLE, WHISTLE PIGS, and more!!! You can find more info HERE! 


This next week (6/6-6/14) we will be playing in the great state of Colorado! We’re excited to be back, so come see us at one of these next shows!!


Hey folks, we’ll be back home in the ICT this week for 2 shows! Saturday, 5/31, we’ll be at The Waterwalk Stage for Wichita River Festival from 8:30-10:00pm! Then, Tuesday, 6/3, we’ll be at Botanica Wichita for Tuesdays on the Terrace! See ya’ll there!


This Friday, 5/24, we’ll be a part of a great lineup at Westport Roots Festival in KCMO! Don’t miss this great fest!